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Come and be part of the team!

There are many mentorships and internships out there, however we do it slightly differently.  Everything is done on a ‘per day’ basis, this is so you can match your outcomes to your budget.  It’s vital to us that you have hands on experience, simply following us around for the day isn’t going to teach you anything.  You will be challenged, it will be difficult – but it will also be extremely dynamic and exciting, working at the sharp end directly with athletes.

You choose the days you spend with us, during which you will;

    • Physically working with the athletes and delivering sessions – not just watching
    • Work with the medical team
    • Attending specialist appointments with athletes
    • Attend treatment sessions
    • Attend events, competitions and races with the athletes
    • Go into the operating theatre to watch operations
    • Coach mentoring, learning delivery
    • Presentation and lecture skills
    • See the pictures below for an idea of some of the things you’d be doing and exposed to



danny knee


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