“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”
William Shakespeare

Injuries are a fact of life for anyone who is exploring their own limits, and the limits of what’s possible. This requires an outlook based on what will happen when you become injured, not if.

Prompt diagnosis, treatment and management of any injury is they key to achieving a positive outcome, combined with a positive mental attitude.

Peak Performance has a global network of world class surgeons who each specialise in a specific body part and injury, we can get you to the best advice available with little notice. You will have the piece of mind knowing you’re being treated by experts who deal with the worlds best athletes on a daily basis.

Whether it’s a simple ‘niggle’ that needs looking at, or something more serious, we can provide you with the sports specific advice you need. We will be there with you every step of the way, ensuring you return to full competition fitness.


What do the experts say about us?

Dr Mike Hayton – Hand & Wrist Specialist

“Darren provides Red Bull Athletes with the highest level of care. He helps them achieve their potential through optimising their performance and also provides an environment of support, education and injury prevention.

Darren has an excellent knowledge of all aspects of performance, including the physical, mental and psychological demands that the elite athlete requires. Whenever Darren has referred a patient to me, it has always been entirely appropriate, with all non surgical solutions being explored and exhausted. In summary, I believe he is an asset and key member of any elite sports medicine organisation.”

Prof Len Funk – Shoulder Specialist

“I have worked closely with Darren Roberts since 2008 treating many Red Bull athletes. I have been very impressed by the high quality and expertise provided by the performance programme at Red Bull and this is certainly in keeping with that of other elite sporting organisations such as premiership football clubs, super league rugby clubs and the English Institute of Sport.

The performance and support of management for injured athletes has been exemplary. I have no doubt that Darren’s personal attention treating each of the injured athletes as a valued family member has made a massive difference to their recoveries and overall performance in their chosen sport. It is impressive to see such a level of care from a sponsor and particularly a drinks brand.”

Prof Phil Turner – Knee Specialist

Prof Philip Turner

“I have received referrals from Darren to manage various knee injuries including significant trauma and repetitive overuse problems. For the elite athlete these are a significant part of day to day life and if management is delayed or inappropriate then recovery can be prolonged and at worst their career can be threatened.

By arranging prompt assessment, early treatment and referral to surgeons with specialist expertise, Darren is ensuring the future health and well-being of his extreme athletes.”