Darren Roberts & Faye Downey – Voted Best High Performance Team 2013 by their peers in elite performance sport


Peak Performance Fitness is an award winning elite sports consultancy working with the most challenging, inspiring, innovative, athletes, teams and brands in the world today. Our clients are at the very edge of human performance and potential, as such we have to meet the demands and challenges they present us.

We established and manage the Red Bull UK High Peformance Programme, and have worked with Red Bull and it’s athletes since 2002. Pulling together the experts from all specialties capable of meeting the challenge of working with extra-ordinary athletes. Exploring the limits of human potential has given us a unique insight into the dynamics of the athletes, the support network they need and the environment they must have to flourish – creating the Performance Playground. Improvement is not simply about spending more time in the gym, its environmental, techincal and mental skills. We look at the whole picture to ensure you’re getting maximum return for time invested.

You don’t have to be an aspiring world champion to have access to the same resources. We’re here to help anyone acheive their goals, the needs of the elite and the needs of someone simply participating differ by degree not kind. What works for the elite as a process will work for anyone when properly scaled.

“It’s our job to provide our clients with the education, resources, tools and environment they need to express their full potential”
Darren Roberts 2011